Facts of Hearing Loss

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  1. Most forms of hearing loss are permanent
  2. Causes of hearing loss include: age, loud noise exposure, ear infections, certain cancer treatment drugs, certain antibiotics, head trauma, ear/eardrum trauma, wax build-up, genetic conditions, and some bacterial diseases such as meningitis, measles and mumps.
  3. Hearing loss can occur at the level of the outer ear (external ear and ear canal), the middle ear (the eardrum, ear bones, and eustachian tube), the inner ear (the cochlea-organ of hearing), the auditory nerve, the brain stem, or the auditor cortex of the brain.
  4. Hearing loss can contribute to increased isolating behavior, lack of motivation, lack of communication, lack of memory retention, increased falls risk, lack of environmental awareness, lack of progress in academics, and lack of career advancement.
  5. Hearing loss is best treated with some form of amplification or hearing aids. In more rare cases, a cochlear implant may be necessary.

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